Employee Spotlight – Frontend profile editing

Frontend profile editing

Employee Spotlight allows employees update their own profiles from the frontend of your site.

Let's face it, not everyone needs the technical knowledge to log into WordPress dashboard to update a few fields. Employee Spotlight makes it easy for your employees to update their own information without requiring help from technical staff. This significantly improves user adoption and decreases support costs.

Employee Spotlight has very easy use profile pages.  Profile pages are optimized for page loads and does not have the overhead of additional processing required by WordPress dashboard.

With frontend editing, employees can simply toggle the edit button and add or update their own information with a few clicks. Employees are still required to login however, they are not exposed to the complexity of WordPress dashboard.

Administrators can choose which fields can be editable from the plugin settings. This feature also improves profile system security since only authorized staff will have access to WordPress dashboard admin functions.

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