Employee Spotlight – Easy Customization

Easy Customization

Employee Spotlight gives you lots of options to customize and to build your unique online presence.

Employee Spotlight WordPress plugin - Easy Customization
Employee Spotlight Pro WordPress plugin allows modifying employee and related taxonomy pages without modifying theme template files
Employee Spotlight Pro WordPress plugin provides customization tools for developers and designer in the plugin settings.

You can customize Employee Spotlight to better meet your needs in a few clicks.

  • Customize from plugin settings pages without changing theme files or modifying CSS rules.
  • Rename employee base slug to better match your needs.
  • Rename taxonomy slugs to better match your needs.
  • Enable, disable employee fields.
  • Set the page template for employee, archive and taxonomy pages.
  • Optionally remove paged navigation from archive and/or taxonomy pages
  • Enable or disable Modified By text
  • Add Custom JavaScript and CSS to style your frontend pages.
  • Options to install missing shortcodes (pages), deleting data and settings.
  • Comes with EMD Widget area where you can display your sidebar widgets in plugin pages.

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