Employee Spotlight – Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Employee Spotlight lets you add custom fields to power up your staff, member profiles.

Employee Spotlight allows you to display custom fields and taxonomies on employee pages.
Employee Spotlight WordPress plugin makes it very easy to create custom fields and taxonomies using built-in EMD Custom Fields Builder.
Employee Spotlight WordPress plugin lets you enter additional information about your employees using the admin employee editor.

The EMD Custom Field Builder Addon allows collecting, searching, and displaying additional information about your employees. The EMD Custom Field Builder Addon is integrated with Employee Spotlight Pro.

The EMD Custom Field Builder Addon allows creating custom fields and taxonomies. Custom fields are additional fields to describe your employees. Custom taxonomies are predefined or ad-hoc grouping and categorization. You can set which WordPress user roles can access the information stored in your custom fields or taxonomies. There is no limit on the number of custom fields and taxonomies you can create.

The EMD Custom Field Builder Addon supports 50+ custom field types. For example, you can create a "favorite sports team" text field and "favorite books" taxonomy to store and display information about an employee. All custom fields and taxonomies are displayed in the Details tab of an employee page.

Moving all your custom fields from one Employee Spotlight domain to another is very easy using the integrated Import/Export feature. You can use this feature to backup your custom information or for syncing your changes from staging or testing to production servers.

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