Employee Directory – Time based workflows

Time based workflows

Employee Directory allows you to automatically manage large volumes of employee records quickly and effectively on demand or on a schedule.

By providing opportunities for meaningful work, organizations can increase employee engagement, minimize human errors and drive innovation.

Time based workflows are handled by Scheduler component. By allowing employees perform higher-value work, Employee Directory Schedulers can significantly reduce the time employees spend on common, repetitive tasks. Scheduler tasks can be run in order, activated or deactivated on demand and perform multiple tasks at the same time.

Unlike Employee Directory triggers, schedulers run when a time event occurs. To define a scheduler, administrators must both define conditions which will be checked and actions to be performed relative a point or period of time.

Some of the examples of how organizations can use this powerful feature are below:

  • Send a customized email notification to all marketing department 3 days before an employment anniversary, birthday, company event occurs.
  • Find employees who completed a certain training in the last 3 months and send them a notification on an upcoming event.
  • Find employees who have certain skill set, assign them to a team and send them an email about the scheduled meetings.
  • Find all employees who joined the company last 3 months and send them a link of your company satisfaction survey page.

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