Employee Directory – Organization Charts To Drill Down Or Across

Organization Charts To Drill Down Or Across

Employee Directory org chart helps your employees know about their colleagues and bring them closer together.

Below are some of the highlights:

  • Let users focus on certain departments, groups or both by color coding employees nodes. See demo
  • Organization chart content can be limited by any available information as long as there is hierarchical connection between employees. For example, you can create specific sections.
  • Clicking on an employee picture leads to the corresponding employee's profile page.
  • Job titles are linked to the corresponding job title's page listing all employees who belong to that job title.
  • While the organization chart shows the big picture view, employee profile pages display immediate manager and direct reports of an employee.
  • If you have a large organization, you can create taxonomy based mini org charts. For example, you can create department org. charts, location based charts or a club chart. See demo
  • Ability to set the level for the initial display. For example, you can start displaying only two levels and let users drill down or across. See demo
  • Optionally you can create name only organization charts, hide job titles.

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