Employee Directory – Find Your Employees Faster

Find Your Employees Faster

Employee Directory search forms help you to find staff based on their phone number, email, department, skills, location, direct reports and more. Custom fields can be used in searches as well.

With Employee Directory Pro, you do not need to remember everything about someone to find information. Optional search operators help you locate people faster. In addition, you can search within the results to pinpoint who you are looking for. If you need to save information, you can export all or selected records to multiple formats.

Employees can be searched using advanced search and mini search widget forms. Search forms with and without operators are available to support different use cases.

Frontend Advanced Search Form Features

  • Search employees by:
    • Full name - you don't need to know the whole full name, just type in first or last name, it will return matching results.
    • Email
    • Employee job titles
    • Skills they have
    • Direct reports; finding her immediate manager
    • Employee numbers
    • Departments they belong to
    • Groups they belong to
    • Location they work at
    • Languages they speak
    • Certifications they earned
    • Marital status
    • Employment Type
    • Gender
  • Custom fields can be used in search forms.
  • Ajax enabled with paged navigation; results displayed without loading the page.
  • Search using "equal", "not equal","like", "not like","begins with", "ends with" and "by word" operators
  • Enable or disable ability to search on what you need. For example; you can disable search by language or groups
  • Make one or more search elements required.
  • Enable or disable CAPTCHA.
  • Adjust search element column sizes.

Mini Advanced Search Form Sidebar Widget Features

  • Search on names or emails using advanced operands
  • Ajax enabled with paged navigation; results displayed on the sidebar without loading the page
  • Link to the full search form available

If you need to limit access to search forms, each search form can be changed to be displayed to logged-in users only from plugin settings form tab. In this mode, users see frontend login and/or registration forms in the search form page if they're not logged in.

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