Employee Directory – Event driven automation

Event driven automation

Employee Directory makes it easy to perform repetitive tasks when an employee or company event records is created, modified or deleted.

Event driven automations are executed using Triggers component. Triggers help employees spend their time on value-added tasks rather than repetitive and laborious ones.

Using Triggers increases efficiency and effectiveness of staff members and eliminates most human errors. There’s no need to know how to code, simply design the logic and go.

Administrators can create multiple triggers, run them in certain order and deactivate them any time. Triggers can perform multiple actions after the triggering event occurs. Ordering of triggers is as simple as drag and drop.

Unlike time based automation which runs relative to a point or period in time, triggers are run when an employee or event record is created, modified or removed.

To be able to create triggers, administrators must set conditions to be matched for the automation to run and actions to execute when the conditions are met.

Below are some examples how triggers can be used in Employee Directory:

  • Send a customized email to all or some employees when an employee joins or leaves the company.
  • Change the status of an employee to out-of-office and send his or her work group an email when someone called in sick.
  • Send an email to all company event attendees when a certain event is cancelled or rescheduled.

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