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EMD Form Builder

Build new or customize existing forms with a powerful, easy to use form builder. You can create forms to gather or allow to search information with ease.

EMD Form Builder lets create awesome looking forms stacked with powerful features.
Create basic to advanced forms using drag and drop EMD Form Builder. EMD Form Builder is integrated with Employee Directory Pro WordPress Plugin.
Not only gather information from employees, customers, friends but also let them search what you have.

EMD Form Builder offers powerful yet easy to use tool to collect or search information about your employees or corporate events. You can limit who can submit data and when to protect data integrity and quality.

EMD Form Builder, unlike other form builder WordPress plugins, is designed and developed corporate business users in mind. It comes with powerful spam protection tools and allows customization of every aspect of form building process either through form settings or custom code.

You can create unlimited number of forms targeting specific groups or locations using existing or custom fields. Form submissions can enabled or disabled anytime and can be accessed from any device.

Using EMD Form Builder, you can:

  • Allow to submit corporate events from the frontend of your site.
  • Allow to search corporate events as an alternative to events calendar
  • Customize existing search forms removing or adding new or simply changing the order or label of fields.
  • Allow to submit employee data for temporary or permanent employees without giving access to the WordPress admin area.
  • Build wizard like forms to support complex processes or workflows.

EMD Form Builder is integrated with Employee Directory Professional WordPress plugin.

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