Employee Directory – Categorize and Group Employees

Categorize and Group Employees

Employee Directory lets you organize your employees with departments, skills and more.

You can categorize or tag employees by departments, groups, office locations and more to create meaningful associations. Creating relationships among employees improves not only internal communication but also external communication of your team. For example, clients searching for specific skill-sets can find matching team members and contact them. Employees needing to create a work order can contact the right supervisor.

  • You can categorize employees by:
    • Groups(Pro only)
    • Office Locations(Pro only)
    • Departments
    • Job Titles
    • Languages(Pro only)
    • Skills(Pro only)
    • Certifications(Pro only)
    • Gender
    • Marital Status
    • Employment Type
  • Enable/Disable from plugin settings.
  • Each of these labels have an employee list page.

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