Employee Directory – Bulk sync from any source

Bulk sync from any source

EMD Integrator Addon for Employee Directory allows bulk synchronization of employee records with other Employee Directory instances or external systems.

EMD Integrator addon can sync from any source using JSON files
EMD Integrator Addon can run multiple jobs which can activated or deactivated on demand.
EMD Integrator Addon included extensive logging to support job audits.

Import, update or delete employee records on a schedule basis by applying your organizational business rules.

You can use EMD Integrators Addon to:

  • Bulk synchronize data from or to multiple external systems for further processing or merging purposes.
  • Back up your data on a regular basis to avoid data loss.
  • Create a secondary system to minimize or eliminate down time.
  • Limit access to certain information to protect sensitive data.

EMD Integrator Addon for Employee Directory comes with a powerful yet easy to use interface where you can:

  • Enable or disable all employee or your custom fields to be exported or imported.
  • Set a contextual color to identify the integrators similar in purpose or scope.
  • Set how often you want to run your sync jobs.
  • Set by the order of sync job runs relative to each other by simply dragging and droping.
  • Set update and delete policy per source or target system.
  • Access to processing logs to debug or monitor how sync operations are performed.
  • Activate or deactivate sync operations on demand per source or target system.

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