Smart Search

The Smart Search Addon for Campus Directory helps you to filter through your staff, publications, courses and locations and generate reports.

Find what's important faster. Some feature highlights:

  • Search using multiple criteria supporting search operators.
  • Create custom powerful reports such as:
    • Find faculty working on a research area.
    • List of students of an advisee faculty.
    • List of publications with a specific publication type.
    • List of courses at a location.
    • List of featured locations.
  • Save your searches that you perform regularly as custom reports.
  • Create and save dynamic filters to track what's important through time.
  • Export your search results to PDF or CSV.
  • Easily configure your lists by selecting the columns to display when viewing your entries.
  • Sort the faculty, students, publications, courses and locations lists by fields.

Make teaching and learning a lot easier

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