Find Classroom And Office Locations Easily

Campus Directory helps you to find classroom and office locations with ease.

Campus Directory Pro WordPress plugin offers individual pages per location
Campus Directory Pro WordPress plugin location grid view
Campus Directory Pro WordPress plugin location list in stacked view

Letting people know and find what's offered in a campus location:

  • Improves student learning.
  • Provides opportunities to interact with faculty outside the classroom.
  • Supports student success by offering a go-to-place for location specific activities and programs.

Location directory feature highlights:

  • Display list of courses offered per location.
  • Display list of residents per location.
  • Residents and courses can be searched within each location page.
  • All or selected courses or residents can be exported out in multiple formats.
  • Custom location fields are displayed in Details tab.
  • Location list shortcode can be customized to display any subset of courses and supports paged navigation.
  • Location grid view for quick and easy location search.
  • Uniform location pages are available for archive, taxonomy views.

Make teaching and learning a lot easier

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