Campus Directory – Easy Alphabetical Search People

Easy Alphabetical Search People

Campus Directory allows searching of people based on the starting letter of their names, academic area and titles.

Alphabetical sorting can help users search quickly if they know the name, academic area or job title of any faculty, staff or student.

Some of the highlights of alphabetical listing:

  • Powerful admin backend to customize the look and feel.
  • Allows create alphabetical listings based on academic area, full names or job titles.
  • Allows to limit the alphabetical listing based on any available directory field using Visual Shortcode Builder. For example, you can create a listing on faculty working in a certain campus only.
  • Allows the set a global and page specific values for "All text" and "No data text".
  • Allows to set the initial letter to be displayed when the search page loads. For example, if the majority of your people listed under letter "A", you can set the letter A as your initial letter.
  • Opaque/faded style for the alphabets which don’t have any people listed under.
  • Allows to display multiple alphabetical listings on the same page. For example, you can let the users search people by academic area, job titles and names on the same page. Check out the demo page for an example.

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