Campus Directory – CSV Import Export Addon

CSV Import Export

Campus Directory Import/Export Addon enables you to import, export and reset all your data from a CSV file or from any source.

Easy to use operations button on people, publications, courses and locations list pages.

  • Import/Export from/to CSV files:
    • Faculty,staff and student info
    • Support staff relationships
    • Advisee/advisor relationships
    • Office location relationships
    • Publications
    • Publication author relationships
    • Courses
    • Related courses relationships
    • Requisite courses relationships
    • Instructor relationships
    • Locations
    • Course locations relationships
  • Update existing employee and event data based on unique fields.
  • Map and import the fields you need , select "Do not map option" if you don't want to import.
  • Google Spreadsheet CSV exports are supported.
  • Reset all your faculty, publication, course and location information if you need to and start over again.
  • Only users with administrator role can import, export and reset.
  • Import/Export all your custom fields.

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