Campus Directory – Beautiful Profile Pages

Beautiful Profile Pages

Campus Directory brings faculty, staff and students closer together providing the best directory experience.

Campus Directory Pro WordPress plugin offers profile pages for faculty, staff and students
Campus Directory Pro WordPress plugin provides self-adjusting interface which eliminates non-applicable data from the frontend
Campus Directory Pro WordPress plugin allows export of all or selected records to multiple formats

Some feature highlights:

  • Faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students can have their own profile pages.
  • Self-adjusting interface only displays information available for a particular person. For example, if there is no Bio available, Bio tab is not displayed.
  • Display advisees, advisors and support staff in tabular or card format.
  • Display publications and courses in tabular or card format(Pro edition only).
  • All relationship records can be searched locally and exported to multiple formats(Pro edition only).
  • Create and display unlimited custom fields on profile pages.

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