Plugin Customizations

Plugin Customization Service Terms and Conditions

  1. The customization service provides a collection of steps, “the work”, to modify an existing plugin design to achieve the desired modifications. Each customization step is defined in the customization service packages table. The customization terms and conditions listed below are in addition to our paid support policy.
  2. The tasks included in the package definitions are guideline only. It does not mean we will perform every task included in the corresponding package. Once we accept your project, we will provide you a project plan which will include all the tasks to be implemented for your specific case. Your project will be priced based on the tasks included your project plan.
  3. Our developers work only on the design of the plugin to be customized, not the source code. Any third party changes on the source code will be overwritten if exist. We do not allow third party code changes on our products since our source code is produced by the WPAS patform and any change on the source code compromises integrity of our designs.
  4. A unit of work may be one of addition, modification, or deletion. For example, each addition or renaming of a field in a form is considered a unit of work. We provide a detailed report on the work done itemizing all work units completed.
  5. Prices are per site. In a mult-site environment, you must purchase additional customization service for each site the plugin will be installed.
  6. The plugin design or the plugin which will be used in customization must be purchased along with the customization service.
  7. Any existing issues related but not limited to JavaScript, PHP, or CSS code preventing our plugin(s) to work properly are out of scope and must be fixed before we start the work. If you ask us to fix them, the work to be completed is accessed and billed separately.
  8. If the servide needed exceeds the package configuration purchased, you need to purhase the next available package. The additional cost must be paid to complete the work.
  9. If the work needed exceeds all available package configuration, the work stops. For additional work, plugin consulting service needs to be purchased. If you choose to purchase consulting service, the initial customization service cost is deducted from the consulting cost. If you do not choose to purchase consulting service, the work is considered completed.
  10. No refunds are available unless we identify that the customization can not be completed.
  11. Your site’s login instructions must be provided before the service starts. Please open a support ticket and post a private comment including login instructions.
  12. All work is done in US Eastern time.
  13. Unused units of work can not be used in another step.
  14. Our developers are not allowed to make any other changes to your site other than the steps listed in the customization package.
  15. The customization service is a one-time activity and limited to the purchased package steps. It by no means includes on-going maintenance of your site.
  16. We respect your time and aim to finish the work as fast and efficiently as we can so you, as site owner, must be cooperative to our requests at all times.
  17. All work is considered completed when customization steps initially submitted and approved by us are completed.

Purchasing a customization service package means you read, understood, and accepted our customization service and paid support policy terms and conditions. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket.

Customization Service Packages

The table below outlines the service steps which may be performed in any plugin customization project and maximum units of work included in the corresponding service package.

If you are not sure which service package to pick, open a support ticket writing in detail what you need. We will recommend a package based on your need.

Plugin Customization Package Details