Knowledge Center Related Content: Guiding Users to Comprehensive Solutions

Empower your customers to find comprehensive solutions quickly. Knowledge Center allows you to link related knowledge base content, creating an intuitive knowledge web. This eliminates dead ends and guides users to all the information they need, streamlining their self-service experience.

Foster Deeper Understanding With Interconnected Information and Intuitive Navigation

Knowledge Center goes beyond static information, promoting a dynamic and interconnected knowledge base. Improve discoverability for your customers by establishing relationships between different types of knowledge base content. This feature ensures that users can navigate seamlessly through related Q&As, articles, embeds, and documents, creating a comprehensive and interconnected information hub.

Key Features:

  1. Related Q&As (Panels):

    • Enhance the user experience by connecting related Q&As or panels. When users explore a particular question or topic, Knowledge Center suggests related content, allowing them to delve deeper into associated information. This interconnected approach ensures that users can find comprehensive answers to their queries.
  2. Related Articles (Enterprise Edition Only):

    • In the Enterprise Edition, Knowledge Center takes related content to the next level by allowing you to establish connections between articles. This powerful feature enables users to explore a broader range of information within your knowledge base, providing a holistic understanding of the topics at hand.
  3. Related Embeds (Enterprise Edition Only):

    • Extend the interconnectivity of your knowledge base by linking related embeds. The Enterprise Edition allows you to establish relationships between embeds, enriching the user experience with multimedia content. Users can seamlessly navigate from one embedded piece of content to another, fostering a comprehensive understanding.
  4. Related Documents (Enterprise Edition Only):

    • For organizations leveraging the Enterprise Edition, Knowledge Center supports connections between related documents. Whether you're sharing PDFs, Word documents, or other file types, users can explore interconnected content, making it easier for them to access and reference relevant information.

Promote a holistic and interconnected knowledge base with Knowledge Center's Related Content feature. Improve discoverability, engagement, and user satisfaction by offering a seamless navigation experience across various types of knowledge base content.

Related Content Makes Searching a Breeze

No more dead ends! Knowledge Center suggests related articles, helping users find everything they need in one place.

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