Take Control of Your Knowledge Base: Streamlined Content Management from Start to Finish

Streamline your knowledge base creation with role-based access control. Define roles for content creation, ensuring only authorized users can contribute. The Knowledge Center empowers you to set up a clear workflow for managing the entire knowledge base content lifecycle.

Enable Efficient Content Creation With Customized Workflows for Different Roles

Knowledge Center introduces a robust role-based content creation workflow, providing distinct roles with specific permissions for efficient knowledge base management. The plugin comes with two primary content author roles: Managers and Agents, each serving a unique purpose in the content creation process.

1. Managers:

  • Role Description: Managers are designated as knowledge base content owners, equipped with comprehensive permissions to add, edit, and delete all content within the knowledge base.
  • Workflow Oversight: Managers play a crucial role in overseeing the knowledge base content creation process. They have the authority to review and accept content created by agents, ensuring quality and relevance.
  • Extended Permissions: In addition to default permissions, managers can be assigned additional capabilities, tailoring their roles based on specific organizational needs. For instance, managers can be granted the ability to respond to support tickets if integrated with the WP Ticket Support System.

2. Agents:

  • Role Description: Agents are content authors empowered to add, edit, and delete their own knowledge base content. While their scope is limited to self-authored content, agents play a vital role in contributing valuable information to the knowledge base.
  • Publication Options: Agents can create content intended for public accessibility or keep certain content private for internal use by agents or managers. This flexibility ensures that sensitive information can be managed securely within the organization.
  • Support Ticket Capabilities: Depending on organizational requirements, agents can be assigned additional capabilities, such as responding to support tickets if integrated with the WP Ticket Support System.

Additional Configuration:

  • Customized Permissions: The plugin settings allow administrators to assign specific capabilities to both managers and agents, tailoring their roles to match organizational workflows.
  • Flexible Integration: The flexibility of Knowledge Center enables seamless integration with other plugins, extending the capabilities of both managers and agents based on organizational needs.

Efficiently manage your knowledge base content creation workflow with Knowledge Center's role-based approach. Empower managers and agents with tailored permissions to streamline content creation and ensure the quality of your knowledge base.

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