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Keep your customers informed with a well-organized knowledge base. Knowledge Center simplifies content management by allowing you to group and tag articles, ensuring your customers can find the answers they need quickly. Streamline your support and empower your customers - try Knowledge Center today!

Intuitive Categories and Tags: Simplify Navigation and Help Users Find Relevant Information Quickly

In Knowledge Center, effective content organization is key to improving findability and user experience. The ability to categorize and tag knowledge base content offers a powerful way to structure information. Here's how you can utilize Groups and Tags:

1. Groups for Panels (Q&As):

  • Categorization for Q&As: Assign Panels (Q&As) to specific Groups for effective categorization.
  • Organized Lists: Each Group has its dedicated list page, allowing users to explore related Q&As seamlessly.

2. Groups and Tags for Articles, Embeds, and Documents (Enterprise Edition Only):

  • Extended Organization: In the Enterprise edition, expand content organization by utilizing both Groups and Tags for Articles, Embeds, and Documents.
  • Enhanced Tagging: Tags provide additional granularity, allowing for more detailed categorization based on specific topics or themes.

3. Enable/Disable from Plugin Settings:

  • Flexible Configuration: From the plugin settings, you have the flexibility to enable or disable the use of Groups and Tags based on your specific requirements.
  • Tailored Organization: Customize the organization structure to align with your knowledge base goals and user expectations.

4. Dedicated List Pages:

  • User-Friendly Exploration: Each Group and Tag has a dedicated list page, creating a user-friendly environment for exploring related content.
  • Efficient Navigation: Users can navigate through content lists based on their interests or specific topics of relevance.

5. Improved Findability:

  • Structured Information: Categorizing content into Groups and applying Tags enhances the overall structure of your knowledge base.
  • Facilitates Search: Users can quickly find relevant information by browsing through organized lists or using search functionalities.

6. Enterprise Edition Benefits:

  • Extended Capability: The Enterprise edition empowers you to utilize both Groups and Tags for various content types.
  • Fine-Tuned Categorization: Tags offer a finer level of categorization, allowing for detailed and nuanced content organization.

Utilizing Groups and Tags in Knowledge Center significantly contributes to an organized and user-centric knowledge base. Whether categorizing Q&As or leveraging the extended capabilities in the Enterprise edition, these features enhance content findability, streamline navigation, and contribute to a more effective knowledge sharing platform.

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