Turn Agents into Knowledge Champions: Motivate Content Creation & Improve Customer Support

Knowledge Center empowers support agents to create and manage knowledge base content, recognizing their expertise through prominent Author Boxes with profiles and contact information. This fosters a culture of knowledge sharing and improves the customer experience by establishing trust and efficient content navigation.

Showcase Agent Expertise and Build Trust by Recognizing Their Contributions to the Knowledge Base

In Knowledge Center, recognizing and promoting content authors, especially support agents, is a strategic approach to fostering knowledge sharing and enhancing the customer support experience. Here's how the platform facilitates author recognition through Author Boxes:

1. Support Agents as Content Creators:

  • Empowering Agents: Knowledge Center allows support agents to actively contribute to the creation and management of knowledge base content.
  • Firsthand Knowledge: Agents can share firsthand knowledge acquired while resolving customer cases, enriching the knowledge base with valuable insights.

2. Author Boxes for Recognition:

  • Prominent Author Display: At the conclusion of each content piece, Knowledge Center displays Author Boxes to prominently showcase the contributing agents.
  • Visual Recognition: Author Boxes include a photo and name of the author, offering visual recognition of the individuals behind the content.

3. Clickable Author Details:

  • Author Profile Navigation: Clicking on the photo or name of an author within the Author Box redirects users to the comprehensive author profile page.
  • Contact Information and Bio: Author profile pages present contact information, a bio section, and a comprehensive list of content produced or contributed by the author.

4. Multiple Authors for Content:

  • Collaborative Contributions: A single knowledge base content piece may have contributions from multiple authors.
  • Recognition for All: The platform ensures that all authors associated with a piece of content are acknowledged in the Author Box.

5. Benefits of Author Profile Pages:

  • Content Listing: Author profile pages efficiently list all content produced or contributed by the agent, categorized by content type.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Users can quickly find content on specific subject areas, establish an author's domain expertise, and discover related content efficiently.

6. Export and Search Capabilities:

  • Export Functionality: Users have the option to export all or selected content listings in various formats.
  • Search Specific Information: The platform enables users to search for specific information within the content type, streamlining the information retrieval process.

7. Motivating Content Production:

  • Recognition Encourages Involvement: Recognizing and promoting content authors through Author Boxes encourages agents to actively participate in content creation.
  • Contributing to Knowledge Growth: As the number of available content pieces increases, customers benefit from a more comprehensive knowledge base.

Knowledge Center's approach to author recognition not only acknowledges the valuable contributions of support agents but also enhances the overall user experience by providing efficient navigation, establishing expertise, and fostering collaborative knowledge sharing.

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