Harness Insights and Enhance User Empowerment with Knowledge Center's Advanced Dashboard

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips: Knowledge Center empowers you to track user engagement and optimize your content. Gain valuable insights into user behavior through a powerful dashboard. Monitor user adoption, identify popular topics, and analyze failed searches to ensure your knowledge base effectively meets your audience's needs.

Metrics That Matter: Track Key Performance Indicators and Make Data-Driven Decisions About Your Knowledge Content

Understanding how users interact with your knowledge base is crucial for improving content effectiveness and user adoption. Knowledge Center Enterprise provides a robust set of tools and analytics to track key metrics, search trends, and user behavior. Here are some key features of the analytics dashboard:

1. Visit Types Analysis:

  • Date-Relative Charting: Visualize the distribution of visit types (browse or search) over time using date-relative charting. This feature provides insights into user navigation patterns.

2. Visits by Content Types:

  • Date-Relative Charting: Track the popularity of different content types (articles, panels, documents, embeds) through date-relative charting. Understand which content types attract more visits.

3. Search Results Analysis:

  • Date-Relative Charting: Gain insights into search performance by analyzing search results, including found and failed searches. Date-relative charting allows you to identify trends over time.

4. Search and Visit Counts:

  • 4-Week and Yearly Counts: Monitor search and visit counts over the past four weeks and the current year. This overview helps in understanding the overall engagement and usage patterns.

5. Top Searches and Failed Searches:

  • Data Exportable Datagrid: Identify popular searches and failed searches through data-exportable datagrids. This information can guide content improvements and highlight areas where users may need more assistance.

6. Top Content Analysis:

  • Data Exportable Datagrid: Explore the top-performing content types, such as articles, panels, documents, and embeds. Exportable datagrids enable further analysis and strategy development.

7. Visit and Search Logs:

  • Advanced Filtering: Utilize the advanced filtering capabilities in visit and search logs to drill down into specific details. This feature provides a granular view of user interactions.

8. IP Address Exclusion:

  • Enhanced Privacy and Security: Exclude specific IP addresses from search and visit logs, enhancing privacy and security. This feature ensures that internal or irrelevant traffic does not skew analytics.

9. Spam and Bot Protection:

  • Optimized Analytics: Implement spam and bot protection to ensure that analytics accurately reflect genuine user interactions. Filtering out irrelevant data improves the accuracy of metrics.

10. Dashboard Customization:

  • Tailored Analytics: Tailor the analytics dashboard to focus on the metrics that matter most to your organization. Customize the view to align with your specific goals and objectives.

Knowledge Center Enterprise's analytics dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of user engagement, search patterns, and content performance. By leveraging these insights, you can make informed decisions to optimize your knowledge base, enhance user adoption, and continuously improve the overall user experience.

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Smart Insights for Your Knowledge Base: Enhance User Empowerment with Knowledge Center's Dashboard.

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