Answers at Your Fingertips: Promote Knowledge Base Content with Widgets

Empower your customers with instant access to knowledge. Knowledge Center's user-friendly widgets allow you to seamlessly integrate featured and recent articles anywhere on your website. This ensures customers can find critical information quickly, minimizing frustration and maximizing self-service success.

Guide Users Directly to the Knowledge They Need, Reducing Frustration and Support Tickets

The Knowledge Center WordPress plugin elevates user experience by offering featured and recent content widgets. These widgets serve to simplify navigation and provide users with quick access to valuable knowledge base content. Here's how these widgets can benefit your site:

1. Featured and Recent Content Widgets:

  • Diverse Content Types: Knowledge Center supports various content types, including Panels (Q&As), Articles, Videos, etc.
  • Featured vs. Recent: Users can choose between featuring specific content or displaying recently added content based on their preferences.

2. Accessibility Anywhere on Your Site:

  • Widget Placement: Users have the flexibility to place featured and recent content widgets anywhere on their site.
  • Strategic Placement: Widgets can be strategically placed in sidebars, footers, or dedicated knowledge base sections for optimal visibility.

3. Facilitating Content Discovery:

  • Highlighting Key Content: Featuring content ensures that important or relevant knowledge base entries are highlighted.
  • Recent Updates: Displaying recent content informs users about the latest additions, encouraging them to explore fresh information.

4. Content Type Differentiation (Enterprise Version):

  • Custom Widgets for Different Content Types: Enterprise users can enjoy specialized widgets for Articles, Videos, and more.
  • Tailored Presentation: Each widget is tailored to showcase specific content types, providing a customized display.

5. Engagement and Interaction:

  • Encouraging Interaction: Featured content can attract user attention, prompting engagement and exploration.
  • User-Friendly Navigation: Recent content widgets aid users in discovering new and relevant information with ease.

6. Strategic Communication:

  • Strategic Featured Content: Users can strategically feature content that aligns with their communication goals.
  • Promoting Key Messages: Feature important updates, announcements, or frequently accessed content to align with organizational objectives.

7. Dynamic and Responsive Design:

  • Adaptable to Site Layout: Widgets seamlessly integrate with various site layouts and designs.
  • Responsive Display: Ensures a consistent and visually appealing presentation across different devices and screen sizes.

8. Tailored Experience with Enterprise Version:

  • Content-Specific Widgets: Enterprise users can enjoy the advantage of content-specific widgets for articles, videos, and more.
  • Fine-Tuned Presentation: Tailor the widget display to suit the nature and characteristics of different content types.

Knowledge Center's featured and recent content widgets offer a user-centric approach to content discovery. By providing users with options to explore featured or recently added content, the plugin enhances engagement, encourages interaction, and strategically communicates key messages. Whether for standard content or specialized content types in the Enterprise version, these widgets contribute to an enriched user experience.

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