QR codes are advanced form of barcodes and store more information. You can customize the single attendee template and by write your own code to generate barcodes.
You do not need to access to check-in page. As soon as the QR code for an event is read by a reader app. The system automatically displays the check-in page for that event and starts processing.

You can customize the event ticket template by modifying the single template for an attendee. Please follow the steps in the customization section of the WP Easy Events Pro documentation.

You can also contact us if you need Pro help.

QR codes are created automatically for each attendee as soon as an attendee is registered for an event. You can see QR code created for an attendee clicking on the View quick link of the attendee in WordPress Dashboard.
Customize event attendee form in WP Easy Events Pro
WP Easy Events allows customization of Event Attendee forms by creating custom fields. Please follow the steps below:
  1. Create a dummy attendee by clicking Add New Attendee. You can use this attendee for all custom fields.
  2. Find custom fields section and click Enter New link
  3. Fill in Name and Value fields. For example, Name: Do you have a pet?. Value: Yes
  4. Click Add Custom Field button.
  5. Repeat this for all your custom fields.
  6. Click Publish or Update(if you're editing an existing attendee)
  7. Go Event Settings > Settings > Forms tab > Event Attend section
  8. Find the custom field(s) you created and enable them by clicking on Show ... field. For example, Show Do you have a pet?
  9. Click Save Changes button.

Yes and No. The customization of our plugins could be very easy or may need a pro help depending on your needs. Our plugins come with an extensive set of tools and options in the plugins settings pages. You can customize many aspects of look and feel with a few clicks there. Enabling, disabling fields, changing colors or borders are very easy. We also provide extensive documentation for customization. However, if you need additional functionality,  advanced or complex changes, we recommend you to hire us.

Yes. If your organization grows and you need to upgrade your license, you can purchase a new license anytime from my accounts page. All license upgrades are prorated.

To upgrade your license:

  1. Login your account
  2. Under Purchase History Tab, click on View licenses link
  3. Click on View Upgrades button
  4. Pick the license you want to upgrade to and click on Upgrade License link
  5. Complete the check out process

Yes. All subscriptions get renewed  at a 10% discount annually. You can cancel your subscription  from your account page. If you renew your license manually, 10% discount is not offered.

In order to use our plugins, you must have a self-hosted WordPress site. If you do not have a self-hosted WordPress site, we offer fully managed solutions for your business or organization for a flat monthly or yearly fee. Please contact us by opening a support ticket if you need fully managed solution.

Yes. All our plugins can be translated and localized to any language. Please check the localization section of the documentation for details.

Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at anytime from your account page. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to Subscriptions page
  3. You will see view invoice and cancel links under Actions column.
  4. Click cancel link

You will retain access to support and updates until your license key expires, one year from the purchase date. Please note that once you cancel your subscription, you will lose 10% automatic subscription discount.

WP Easy Events Professional WordPress Plugin Changelog provides updates on changes made in each release.

When you scan the QR code for an attendee of one of your events , you need to have a page with the shortcode: [wpee_process_checkin] If you don't have this page created you will get the error:  "The event checkin processing page has not being created. Please deactivate WP Easy Events Professional and activate it again and click on "Setup WP Easy Events Professional Pages" button." .

You could create this page in 3 different ways.

  1. Go to Settings page under your Event Settings menu page.  Under Tools tab , you will see "Install pages" button , this will create all the setup pages needed for your plugin if they are not already created.
  2. Go to Pages menu and create a page manually and enter the shortcode in the content.
  3. Deactivate and activate your plugin which will show the button at top.

We recommend using the first option which is much easier and faster.

WP Easy Events Professional has a WordPress filter which can used to replace the modal content (form) on the event pages. When you add the following code to your functions.php, you can replace the form in the modal popup with any html content you would like.

add_filter('wpee_pro_modal_content','wpee_pro_change_modal_content'); function wpee_pro_change_modal_content($modal_content){ //your html goes here }

Please note that if you replace the form, attendee records won’t be created in WordPress and emails won’t be sent to attendees. If you want to have the attendees in WordPress, you must bulk import them from a CSV file using operations functionality. If you don’t want to send the notification emails make sure you uncheck active checkbox in notifications settings page for event attendee notifications before bulk importing them.
Import Event Attendees in bulk and send them tickets via email using WP Easy Events WordPress plugin

WP Easy Events Pro comes with CSV Import/Export functionality which can used to bulk import attendees from third party products and send event tickets via email. To be able to do bulk event sent in WP Easy Events, you must purchase eMD CSV Import/Export plugin.

If you do not want to send emails but bulk import attendees, you must first uncheck Active field from Event Settings > Notifications > Attendee Tickets collapse before following the step below.

To bulk send event tickets to attendees, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a sample attendee and export it to CSV using Operations > Export tab.
  2. Import the attendee CSV file in google spreadsheets.
  3. Modify your attendee data in google spreadsheets making sure that;
    • "Check-in" column is set to 0 to be able to check that attendee in with QR on the event location.
    • The Ticket ID field is unique for each attendee.
    • Fill in all the other fields as they are in your sample attendee data. All records must be in "publish" status
  4. Create a separate CSV file for event attendee relationships and import it to Google spreadsheet. Make sure "Attendees Ticket ID" column has the correct Ticket ID and every ticket id is matched with the correct event title. Otherwise, either no ticket notifications will sent or wrong people will get tickets.
  5. Export attendees and event-attendees to CSV from google spreadsheets
  6. Import Attendees first by clicking on Attendee list operations button and selecting Import tab
  7. This step is very important. So make sure that your data is correct before completing this step. Import Event Attendee relationships by clicking on Events list operations button and selecting Import tab. As soon as each record is imported, a ticket will be sent to the attendee email. If a Ticket ID is already connected to an event, the ticket will NOT be sent again. If you need to resend a ticket to an existing event attendee, delete it from the Attendee list and create it from CSV file.

WP Easy Events support events hosted by multiple organizers. If you do not need multiple organizers, just link your event to the only one you use.

You can use Visual Shortcode Builder to create simple or complex shortcodes to display different events.  The prefered way to use a shortcode is putting it in a page. Most shortcodes work if you put them in a text widget if you'd like to display them in your sidebars.

WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads must be able to support subscriptions. If the tickets are configured to supporting subscription payments, you can display them WP Easy Events.

WP Easy Events is an event management and registration system. WooCommerce WordPress plugin is an ecommerce system which can handle ticketing for WP Easy Events. WP Easy Events WooCommerce Extension allows you to use WooCommerce along with WP Easy Events.

In other words, if you'd like to use WooCommerce for ticketing, you must have WooCommerce Extension to make it work. Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin is an alternative ecommerce system which can be used for ticketing as well.

Parent events are events that control the flow of other one to many events.  For example, you can one main session in Miami and multiple sessions in New York, Los Angeles at the same or different times. When users go the main event page, they can also see the other sessions as well.

Ticketing is handled in WooCommerce not in WP Easy Events. WP Easy Events displays the ticket information coming from WooCommerce in Events pages through WP Easy Events WooCommerce Extension. If you can configure them in WooCommerce, it works in WP Easy Events.

Yes. We have a fully functional demo site where the latest version of the plugin is installed. Our demo site provides you a great opportunity to see and test all the features and possibilities before you make a purchase. You will find a link to the demo site on the main product page. There is also extensive documentation for all our plugins.