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Employee Directory WordPress plugin helps attract and retain talented employees.
Ever competitive race to find and attract top talent requires help. Employee Directory Pro not only helps your team keep its existing top talent in house but also attract more by presenting a strong and modern image. Employees love it.
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Employee engagement is one of the key factors that defines your organization's success. Employee Directory helps recognize and celebrate your staff members with powerful milestone widgets. This article explains how you can improve employee engagement using employee directory by providing step by step instructions.
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Triggers is a workflow component used by some emdplugins WordPress plugins.
Workflows are very powerful automation tools to complete and streamline common tasks or processes. In this article, I show you how you can create your own workflows by introducing triggers and schedulers workflow components that are included in some of our plugins.
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eMD MailChimp WordPress plugin allows adding subscription fields for multiple forms
In this article, I would like to share some of our findings we discovered during the development of eMD MailChimp extension focusing on the definitions of some MailChimp campaign related concepts such as lists, groups and segments etc. I will also provide some mini how-tos on how to use eMD MailChimp extension effectively.
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This articles covers some of the possibilities how WordPress as content management system can be used in higher education institutions showcasing Campus Directory Pro WordPress plugin as an example.
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Providing a centralized, self-service information retrieval system to customers and employees not only decreases cost of enterprise support costs but also increases organizational information consumption rates. Knowledge Center Enterprise offers a very easy-to-use, intuitive knowledge base solution built on modern web standards matching your organization's brand and style and taking full advantage of WordPress as a platform.
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Displaying the organizational reporting hierarchy of your organization clearly on your website helps improve internal and external communication. Employee Directory Professional WordPress plugin helps your organization take full advantage of benefits of displaying organizational reporting hierarchy without the hassle of maintaining static organization charts or text.