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WP Ticket HelpDesk allows you to get support requests from customers on your site using its customizable forms, emails using incoming email add-on, or traditional phones. Once the support request is received, support agents can be assigned and work towards providing solutions in an efficient and consistent way.

Shared Helpdesk Ticket Inbox

Use the power of the collective knowledge and expertise of your helpdesk support team to solve customer issues and requests faster.

Mobile friendly support site

A slick and professional look and feel to offer exceptional customer support experience from any device.

Event-based customer support automation

Execute one or more actions on specific support tickets as soon as an event happens.

Time-based customer support automation

Automate repetitive and common tasks on a time schedule freeing up more customer support time and effort to focus on helping customers.

Spam protection for your customer support form

Stop the spam bots by making your support ticket form spam-protected using reCAPTCHA and Honeypot automatically.

Allow file attachments in customer support

Allow customers and help desk agents to send each other attachments through the initial submissions and subsequent responses support tickets.

Frontend support ticket and agent profile editing

Increase agent engagement, system adoption, productivity, and security of your support system.

Help desk agent pages

Showcase the skills of your support team agents and build trust for your business with beautiful agent profile pages.

Customer support client area

Allow customers to access and submit their customer support tickets from the WordPress dashboard.

Role Based Helpdesk Access Control

Give helpdesk agents data access privileges matching their roles and responsibilities.

Helpdesk field level access control

Control the access rights of help desk fields by picking which fields can be edited or viewed by helpdesk agents or customers.

Group and tag support tickets

Label and group your support tickets on priority, status, topic, and more.

Efficient, consistent helpdesk conversations

Make it easy for your agents to communicate with your customers.

Powerful helpdesk search forms

Allow your agents and customers to find support tickets in just a few clicks.

Extensive helpdesk customization options

Leverage powerful out-of-the-box customizations to deliver a personalized helpdesk experience.

Easy to Use Helpdesk Widgets

Provide a quick view of the recent helpdesk tickets and responses for customer support agents and customers for easier navigation and search.

Get real-time insight into your helpdesk

Get a quick, real-time summary of the most important helpdesk metrics and identify issues easily.

Custom Customer Service Reports

Create customized helpdesk reports to focus on what’s important and share across your customer support team.

Customer Support Checklist

Manage and perform your helpdesk tasks, resolve your customer support tickets faster by creating to-do lists.

Helpdesk Departments

Organize your support agents to resolve tickets faster.

Generate Revenue with customer Support

Accept payments for solving customer support tickets

Summary Views

Summarize To Find Essential And Relevant

Get more work out of your agents

Expand what support agents can do through the plugin settings.

Instant Notifications

Get notified and notify your customers and agents to know what's happening.

Custom Helpdesk Fields

Collect, search, and display additional information unique to your business.

Customize Your Ticket Forms

Easily customize your help desk forms.

Promote collaboration among staff

Get help from other support team members to resolve tickets faster.

Related Tickets

Link similar support tickets to each other as related tickets.

Smart Search and Columns Addon

Find exactly what you need with the smart multi-conditional search.

Import/Export Addon

Import and sync your tickets,to-do lists and agents.

Incoming Email Addon

No more email mess! Turn your incoming customer support emails into support tickets.

Canned Responses Addon

Save time, effort and improve agent productivity.

MailChimp Addon

Connect your support ticket form to MailChimp to grow your email list.

WooCommerce Addon

Connect your eCommerce orders and products to improve your team's efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Easy Digital Downloads Addon

Connect your orders and products to improve your team efficiency.

Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP Addon

Sync your customer support team details from Active Directory/LDAP.

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Extensive WP Ticket documentation is available online.

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Preserve look and feel of your brand.

* WP Ticket works great in most well-written themes without making any modifications.

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