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Employee Directory is the best company directory solution for WordPress

A Central Staff Directory

All your employee information in one safe place at your fingertips.

Beautiful Profile Pages

Get to know your colleagues even before you meet them.

Responsive Mobile Friendly

Access employee directory information from anywhere, anytime.

Find Your Employees Faster

Allow your employees to find and engage with each other in just a few keystrokes.

Custom Fields

Create unique fields that fit your own company's culture.

Employee Milestone Widgets

Promote and share new hires, featured employees and birthdays.

Customize To Your Needs

Easily customize your directory to grow your unique organization.

Categorize and Group Employees

Label and categorize your employees.

Organization Charts To Drill Down Or Across

Easily use up to date and beautiful org charts to map employees of your company or organization.

EMD Form Builder

Powerful, easy to use form builder for customizing existing forms or creating new ones from scratch. Build unlimited forms to gather or allow to search employee or event data.

Company Events

Shine a spotlight on company events and connect and engage your employees.

Simple edits from frontend

Let employees update their information from frontend of your site.

Add Custom Fields to Your Search Forms

Create custom search forms to better match your needs.

Self Service, Give Power To Your Employees

Give your employees ability to view and update their own information.

Instant Notifications

Keep all your employees posted on events, employee profile updates or additions.

Set Manager And Direct Reports

Add reporting relationships between supervisors, managers and employees.

Create Custom Lists

Create custom lists of employees or events using Visual Shortcode Builder.

Employee List Grid

Display employee records in tabular format with a powerful datagrid.

Beautiful Multiple Views

Showcase your employees in circle grid or stacked layout templates.

Tag cloud search

Search employees by a tag cloud of terms.

Empower Users

Get more out of your employees by expanding what they can do.

Alphabetical search

Search employees by names, departments and job titles alphabetically.

Drag & Drop Ordering

Set your employee order with simple drag & drop.

Field based access

Pick and choose which fields can be edited or viewed by employees.

Time based workflows

Free up valuable time and eliminate human errors by automating repetitive and common tasks.

Event driven automation

Process repetitive tasks accurately and on time, every time.

Smart Search Addon

Find exactly what you need with the smart multi-conditional search.

CSV Import Export Addon

Import and sync your employees and events.

Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP Addon

Sync employee records with Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP.

Azure Active Directory Addon

Sync employee records with Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Office 365.

Okta Addon

Sync employee records with Okta Identity Cloud

vCard Addon

Allow to share employee contact information as vCard anytime.

Employee Journal Addon

Simplify and automate the employee performance review process.

Bulk sync from any source

Bulk sync your employee records on a schedule basis.

Employee Directory Documentation

Extensive Employee Directory documentation is available online.

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Employee Directory Changes and Updates

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Bring Your Own Theme

Preserve look and feel of your brand.

* Employee Directory works great in most well-written themes without making any modifications.

Translate Employee Directory to Any Language

You can translate Employee Directory to any language easily.

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