Accelerate Search with Ticket, Agent, and Department Summary Views for Quicker Results

Bridge the gap between frustrated customers and empowered agents with intuitive helpdesk systems. Imagine a world where agents can navigate a user-friendly interface to resolve issues quickly, and customers can effortlessly submit tickets and track their progress. This is the reality with advanced helpdesk systems. By prioritizing intuitive design for both sides of the support equation, you can boost operational efficiency for your team and foster positive customer experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Streamline Helpdesk Experience With Two Distinct Dashboard Views

WP Ticket incorporates two distinct summary views, each offering unique benefits for users:

  1. Stacked View:

    • Stacked views provide a concise and essential overview of information related to tickets, agents, and departments.
    • The stacked ticket summary view offers key details in a format that is easily digestible, allowing users to quickly grasp essential information.
    • These views are linked to their respective detailed views, ensuring seamless navigation for users.
  2. Datagrid View:

    • Datagrid views, available for tickets, provide a comprehensive and organized display of information.
    • Users can leverage the datagrid view to perform various actions, such as sorting, searching, and exporting selected tickets to diverse formats like CSV, PDF, and MS Excel.
    • This view enhances the ability to manage and analyze ticket data efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Export Functionality: Users can export selected tickets from the datagrid view, promoting flexibility in handling and sharing ticket data.
  • Sorting Capability: Datagrid views enable users to sort tickets based on specific criteria, contributing to a more organized and accessible display.
  • Search Functionality: The datagrid view incorporates a search feature, facilitating quick and targeted access to relevant ticket information.

Contextual Coloring:

  • Both stacked and datagrid ticket views feature contextually colored tickets in both the front-end and admin area.
  • Contextual coloring enhances visual clarity, providing users with immediate insights into the status or nature of each ticket.

In summary, the integration of stacked and datagrid views in WP Ticket ensures a well-rounded user experience, catering to those seeking concise summaries and those requiring in-depth analysis and management of ticket data.

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