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ntuitive Search at a Glance: Navigate your workforce effortlessly with Employee Spotlight's innovative tag cloud search. Explore a visual representation of key terms related to employee skills, experience, or other relevant attributes. This user-friendly interface allows for quick identification of the perfect candidate for any task, maximizing your team's potential.

Explore and Refine Your Search With an Intuitive Tag Cloud, Making Complex Searches Simple

Employee Spotlight Pro introduces a powerful and user-friendly tag cloud search feature, enhancing the exploration and refinement of employee information within your WordPress environment.

The tag cloud search is designed to simplify complex searches, allowing users to intuitively navigate and discover relevant data. This feature offers flexibility with inclusive, exclusive, or single term searches, catering to diverse user preferences and search scenarios.

Key Features:

  1. Inclusive, Exclusive, and Single Term Searches:

    • Users can choose from three distinct search types based on their preferences and requirements:
      • Exclusive Search: Search by all of the terms selected.
      • Inclusive Search: Search by any of the terms selected.
      • Single Search: Search by a single tag only.
    • This flexibility ensures that users can tailor their searches to align with specific criteria, providing a customized and efficient search experience.
  2. Plugin Settings Configuration:

    • The desired search type can be easily configured from the plugin settings. This centralized configuration allows administrators to set the default search type, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience for all users.
  3. Display of Tag Usage Frequency:

    • Each term in the tag cloud is accompanied by information about its usage frequency. The number of times a tag has been applied to a single employee is displayed next to the term names. This visual cue assists users in understanding the relevance and popularity of specific tags.
  4. Versatile Use of Terms:

    • The tag cloud search supports the use of terms related to locations, employee tags, or groups. This versatility enables users to explore and refine searches based on different criteria, fostering a comprehensive and inclusive search experience.
  5. Default Search Configuration:

    • To cater to specific user preferences, administrators can set the default search configuration from the plugin settings. This is particularly useful for organizations that want to tailor the initial search display based on predefined parameters.


The tag cloud search feature in Employee Spotlight Pro serves as an intuitive and efficient tool for users seeking to explore and refine employee information. By offering multiple search types and providing visibility into tag usage frequency, this feature empowers users to conduct searches that align with their unique needs.

 The centralized configuration from plugin settings ensures consistency and ease of use, contributing to a seamless user experience. Whether users prefer inclusive, exclusive, or single term searches, the tag cloud search in Employee Spotlight Pro accommodates diverse search scenarios, making complex searches simple and accessible.

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