Protect Sensitive Data: Grant Secure Access with Employee Spotlight

Enhanced Data Security: Maintain control over employee information with Employee Spotlight's granular field access controls. Restrict visibility or editability of sensitive or externally updated fields, ensuring data privacy and security within your organization.

Grant Access Based on Specific Data Fields, Not Just Roles, Enabling Efficient Data Usage While Minimizing Risk

Employee Spotlight Pro prioritizes data security and integrity by offering field-based access control, allowing administrators to define which fields are accessible and editable by different staff members. This feature is essential for safeguarding sensitive information, such as salary details, government identification numbers, and hire dates, while ensuring that data accuracy is maintained.

Key Benefits of Field-Based Access Control:

  1. Sensitive Information Protection:

    • By utilizing field-based access control, administrators can restrict access to specific fields containing sensitive information. This prevents unauthorized staff members from viewing or editing confidential details such as salary and government identification numbers.
  2. Data Integrity Enhancement:

    • Field-based access control contributes to maintaining the integrity of employee data. Limiting access to relevant fields minimizes the risk of unintentional modifications and ensures that only authorized personnel can update specific information.
  3. External System Integration Security:

    • For fields that are updated from external systems, such as Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP or batch CSV files, field-based access control prevents staff members from making unauthorized changes. This is crucial for preserving the accuracy and consistency of data imported from external sources.
  4. Reduced Information Exposure:

    • Field-based access control decreases the likelihood of staff members being exposed to unnecessary information. Administrators can selectively choose which fields are visible and editable for different roles, reducing complexity and potential issues related to information overload.

How Field-Based Access Control Works:

  1. Administrator Configuration:

    • Administrators can configure field-based access control settings from the plugin's settings page. This configuration involves specifying which fields should be accessible or editable for different user roles.
  2. Role-Specific Field Permissions:

    • Based on the configured settings, staff members are granted role-specific permissions for viewing and editing employee profile fields. This ensures that each role has appropriate access to the necessary information without compromising data security.
  3. Sensitive Field Protection:

    • Fields containing sensitive information, such as salary and government identification numbers, can be restricted to specific roles, preventing unauthorized access or modifications.
  4. External System Integration Security:

    • For fields updated from external systems, administrators can enforce field-based restrictions, ensuring that only designated staff members have the authority to modify information imported from sources like Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP or CSV files.

Field-based access control in Employee Spotlight Pro is a powerful tool for enhancing data security and integrity. By strategically controlling access to specific fields, administrators can safeguard sensitive information, reduce the risk of data inaccuracies, and streamline external system integration processes. This feature contributes to a more secure and efficient employee data management system, ultimately promoting a trustworthy and compliant environment within the organization.

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