Empower Your Team: Customize User Roles in Seconds

Grant Granular Permissions: Tailor user experiences and enhance security with Employee Spotlight's customizable roles. Easily define and expand user permissions in just a few clicks, ensuring employees have the exact access they need to be productive and data remains protected.

Design Custom User Permissions With Ease, Empowering Your Team for Any Task

Employee Spotlight Pro provides a robust and flexible user role system that empowers organizations to design custom user permissions with ease.

Employee Spotlight Pro plugin introduces two core roles – "Employee" and "Employee Manager" – offering a foundation for user access control. These built-in roles can be expanded and customized to include additional functionalities available on your WordPress site, providing a tailored and efficient user experience.

Key Features:

  1. Built-in Roles:

    • Employee Role: Designed for regular employees, this role allows users to access their own profiles, make modifications, and engage with relevant features without the need for administrative privileges.
    • Employee Manager Role: This role is geared towards managers who require broader access. Employee Managers can create and update all employee profiles, offering centralized control without needing full admin privileges.
  2. Customizable Functionality:

    • The plugin settings offer a straightforward interface for expanding the scope of the built-in roles. Administrators can easily select and enable specific capabilities, allowing fine-grained control over what each user role can accomplish within the Employee Spotlight Pro environment.
  3. Tailored Access Control:

    • By expanding the functionality of roles, organizations can define custom user permissions that align with their specific workflow and collaboration requirements. For example, enabling the ability for employees to publish posts or respond to support tickets without relying on third-party plugins.


  1. Flexibility in Role Expansion:

    • Employee Spotlight Pro's user role system provides organizations with the flexibility to extend the functionality of built-in roles based on their unique needs. This adaptability ensures that user roles align precisely with the organization's workflow and collaboration structure.
  2. Efficient Collaboration:

    • The customizable user permissions facilitate efficient collaboration by allowing users to access and perform tasks relevant to their roles. Whether it's employees managing their profiles or managers overseeing the entire employee directory, the plugin supports streamlined collaboration.
  3. Reduced Dependency on Third-Party Plugins:

    • The ability to grant specific capabilities to employees within the Employee Spotlight Pro environment reduces dependency on additional third-party plugins. Organizations can tailor access control without the need for complex integrations, simplifying the overall user management process.
  4. Centralized Control for Managers:

    • Employee Managers, with their expanded role, gain centralized control over employee profiles. This ensures that managers can efficiently oversee and update all employee information without requiring full admin privileges.

In summary, Employee Spotlight Pro's custom user permissions feature contributes to a more efficient and tailored user experience, allowing organizations to design roles that match their specific collaboration requirements.

Whether it's enabling employees to engage with certain features or providing managers with centralized control, the plugin's user role system enhances collaboration within the WordPress environment.

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