Tailor Employee Profiles with Custom Fields in Employee Spotlight!

Unveil the unique personalities and expertise that make your team shine. Employee Spotlight empowers you to create custom fields, allowing employees to showcase their passions, skills, or experiences beyond the typical resume. This fosters a more engaging company culture while providing valuable insights for clients and colleagues.

Go Beyond Names and Titles: Unleash the Personalities Behind Your Team With Unique Custom Fields

Dive deeper into the unique traits and personalities that make up your team by utilizing the EMD Custom Field Builder Addon integrated with Employee Spotlight Pro. This powerful addon goes beyond names and titles, allowing you to collect, search, and display additional information about your employees.

Key Features:

  1. Create Custom Fields:

    • The EMD Custom Field Builder Addon empowers you to create custom fields that go beyond standard information. Collect unique details about each employee that reflect their personalities, preferences, and more.
  2. Support for 50+ Field Types:

    • Enjoy versatility with support for over 50 custom field types. Whether you want to capture text, numbers, dates, or even specific data like favorite sports teams, the addon provides a wide range of options.
  3. Custom Taxonomies:

    • Implement custom taxonomies for both predefined and ad-hoc grouping and categorization. This feature enhances organizational capabilities and provides flexibility in organizing employee information.
  4. Role-Based Access:

    • Set user role access to custom fields and taxonomies, ensuring that sensitive information is accessible only to authorized personnel. Define who can view and modify specific details, maintaining data privacy and security.
  5. Unlimited Fields and Taxonomies:

    • There is no limit to the number of custom fields and taxonomies you can create. Tailor the addon to your organization's needs, capturing as much or as little information as desired for a comprehensive employee profile.
  6. Integration with Employee Spotlight Pro:

    • Seamlessly integrated with the Employee Spotlight Pro plugin, the addon enhances its capabilities by adding a layer of customization to employee profiles.
  7. Import/Export Feature:

    • Easily migrate your custom fields from one Employee Spotlight domain to another using the integrated Import/Export feature. This functionality simplifies tasks such as data backup, syncing changes between servers, and maintaining consistency across environments.


The EMD Custom Field Builder Addon takes your employee profiles to the next level, allowing you to capture and showcase the diverse personalities within your team. Whether it's favorite sports teams, hobbies, or unique skills, these custom fields enable a more comprehensive and engaging representation of your employees.

With role-based access control and a user-friendly interface, this addon seamlessly integrates with Employee Spotlight Pro, providing a holistic solution for personalized employee profiles.

Transform Your Team Showcase With Custom Fields

Craft rich employee profiles that showcase individual strengths and contributions.

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