Import & Export Teams with Employee Spotlight's CSV Addon

Seamlessly import new team members or update existing data with the intuitive CSV import/export functionality. Employee Spotlight CSV Import Export Addon empowers you to synchronize your employee data effortlessly, saving valuable time and minimizing manual effort.

Effortlessly Onboard New Hires and Update Employee Data With Seamless Csv Import and Sync

Employee Spotlight Pro streamlines the onboarding process and ensures accurate employee data with its effortless CSV import and synchronization features. The user-friendly operations button on Employee list pages provides administrators with a set of powerful tools for managing employee information efficiently.

Key Features:

  1. CSV Import/Export Operations:

    • Perform bulk import and export operations for all employee information using CSV files. This feature simplifies the onboarding of new hires and enables administrators to manage data efficiently.
  2. Update Existing Employee Data:

    • Update and synchronize existing employee data seamlessly by leveraging the power of unique fields. This ensures that information remains current and accurate without manual intervention.
  3. Field Mapping:

    • Customize the import process by mapping and selecting specific fields to import. This flexibility allows administrators to tailor the import to their specific needs, ensuring that only relevant information is included.
  4. "Do Not Map" Option:

    • Fine-tune the import process by using the "Do Not Map" option for fields that should not be imported. This level of control ensures that only necessary data is included in the synchronization.
  5. Google Spreadsheet CSV Exports:

    • Export employee data to Google Spreadsheets using CSV format. This feature enhances compatibility and allows for easy sharing and collaboration on the exported data.
  6. Reset Employee Information:

    • Utilize the reset functionality to clear existing employee information if needed. This option provides a fresh start, allowing administrators to begin anew with employee data management.
  7. Administrator Role Restriction:

    • Limit import, export, and reset capabilities to users with the administrator role. This security measure ensures that only authorized personnel can perform these critical operations.
  8. Import/Export Custom Fields:

    • Extend the import/export capabilities to custom fields, enabling a comprehensive synchronization of all relevant employee information, including personalized data fields.

How It Works:

  1. User-Friendly Operations Button:

    • The operations button on Employee list pages provides a convenient and user-friendly interface for initiating import, export, and reset actions.
  2. CSV Import/Export Wizard:

    • The CSV import/export wizard guides administrators through the process, allowing them to specify mapping, choose fields, and configure import settings.
  3. Real-Time Updates:

    • Changes made through CSV imports take effect in real time, ensuring that the employee directory reflects the most recent information accurately.
  4. Security Measures:

    • The administrator role restriction ensures that sensitive operations are performed only by authorized personnel, enhancing security and control over employee data.

Employee Spotlight Pro's CSV import and synchronization features provide administrators with powerful tools for onboarding new hires, updating employee data, and managing information efficiently. By offering a user-friendly interface and a range of customization options, the plugin enhances the overall data management process, contributing to a seamless and accurate representation of the organization's workforce.

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