Organize Your Team Your Way: Leverage Custom Groups in Employee Spotlight

Go beyond basic team listings. Employee Spotlight empowers you to organize your workforce with custom groups, making it easier to find the right people for the job. Create groups for founders, investors, marketing teams, or any other category that suits your needs. This streamlined approach fosters collaboration and empowers project teams to connect seamlessly.

Bring Together a Cross-Functional Group: Founders, Investors, Marketing, and Relevant Departments

Incorporating a cross-functional approach within your organization is crucial for success. The Employee Spotlight Professional WordPress plugin offers a powerful Visual Shortcode Builder, enabling you to create custom staff lists that bring together founders, investors, marketing teams, and other relevant departments.

Key Features:

  1. Custom Staff Lists:

    • Leverage the Visual Shortcode Builder to create customized staff lists tailored to your organization's structure and requirements.
  2. Department Views:

    • Generate views specifically dedicated to showcasing individual departments within your organization. Highlight the unique talents and expertise of each department through dedicated displays.
  3. Group Views:

    • Create views that unite employees based on specific groups, fostering collaboration and highlighting the collective strengths of different teams.
  4. Featured Employee Views:

    • Design views that spotlight featured employees, such as founders, investors, or key contributors. Provide recognition to individuals who play pivotal roles in your organization.
  5. Flexible View Layouts:

    • Utilize the custom staff lists in any available view layout that suits your preferences. Whether you prefer a grid, carousel, or list view, the plugin accommodates diverse layout options.
  6. Integration with Any Page:

    • Seamlessly integrate the custom staff lists into any page by simply clicking on the WPAS (WordPress Application Suite) button. This streamlined process ensures that your cross-functional team displays are easily accessible.
  7. Multiple Filters:

    • Apply multiple filters to ensure that the content displayed aligns with your specific criteria. Filter employees based on departments, groups, or any other relevant parameters to tailor the views to your exact requirements.


The Visual Shortcode Builder provided by the Employee Spotlight Professional plugin empowers you to unite cross-functional teams seamlessly. By creating custom staff lists, you can highlight the strengths of each department, showcase specific groups, and feature key individuals. The flexibility in view layouts and integration options ensures that your cross-functional displays are both visually appealing and strategically aligned with your organizational goals.

Bring together founders, investors, marketing teams, and relevant departments with ease using the Employee Spotlight Professional WordPress plugin's Visual Shortcode Builder. Tailor your staff lists to suit your organization's structure and create engaging displays that foster collaboration and highlight individual and collective strengths.

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