Show Off Your Team: Choose the Perfect Layout with Employee Spotlight!

Put Your Team in the Spotlight: Customizable Layouts for Every Story. Employee Spotlight offers a variety of powerful layout options to showcase your team in the best light. Choose the perfect presentation style to match your brand and the unique personalities within your organization.

Make Your Team Shine: From Grids to Cards, Pick the Layout That Best Reflects Your Unique Brand and Personalities

The Employee Spotlight Professional WordPress plugin empowers you to make your team shine by offering a variety of stunning layouts. From grids to cards, you can choose the layout that best reflects your unique brand and the personalities within your organization.

Key Layout Options:

  1. Stacked View:

    • Display employee information one below the other on your WordPress page, providing a clean and organized presentation.
  2. Carousel View:

    • Showcase four images in a row with a hover effect that reveals social links, job title, and office location, adding an interactive element to your team display.
  3. Grid View:

    • Present a summary bio and optional social links on photo hover, creating an aesthetically pleasing grid layout.
  4. Panel Grid View:

    • Display the primary address on photo hover, combining functionality with a visually appealing grid layout.
  5. Circle Grid View:

    • Opt for a circular grid layout where each employee's name links to their personal page, offering a unique and engaging display.
  6. Individual Employee Pages:

    • Ensure each employee has their own dedicated page with detailed information and status, allowing for a comprehensive showcase.
  7. List View:

    • Highlight employee details in a table format with a search box, facilitating easy navigation and information retrieval.
  8. Circle Panel View:

    • Choose a circular panel layout for a distinctive visual representation of your team members.


The Employee Spotlight Professional plugin provides versatility in presenting your team. Whether you prefer a clean stacked view, an interactive carousel, or a unique circle grid, the plugin ensures that your team is showcased in a way that aligns with your brand and resonates with your audience. With individual employee pages, detailed information, and diverse layouts, your team members will shine on your website.

Elevate your team displays with the Employee Spotlight Professional WordPress plugin, offering diverse layouts to match your brand and highlight the unique personalities within your organization.

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