Granular Team Permissions: Empower Your Team While Maintaining Control

Enhanced Security and Collaboration: Employee Spotlight employs role-based access control for secure collaboration. Managers can efficiently oversee direct reports without requiring full admin access, streamlining HR processes, and team members maintain control over their profiles, ensuring the security of sensitive information.

Empower Your Team With the Right Permissions: Grant Granular Access for Each Role, Avoiding the Risks of Full Admin Rights

The Employee Spotlight Professional WordPress plugin empowers organizations to efficiently manage and showcase employee data with precision. Designed for enhanced control and accessibility, this plugin introduces specialized roles, allowing seamless profile modifications and updates.

Key Features:

  1. Employee and Employee Manager Roles:

    • Introduce distinct roles – "Employee" and "Employee Manager" – to control access to employee data efficiently.
  2. Self-Profile Management:

    • Grant each employee the ability to access and modify their own profile effortlessly when logged in. Reduce dependency on technical staff for routine updates.
  3. Employee Manager Privileges:

    • Elevate the capabilities of employee managers, enabling them to create and update all employee profiles without the need for admin privileges. Streamline data management with designated personnel.


The Employee Spotlight Professional plugin enhances the management of employee data within WordPress, offering tailored roles for different levels of access. Employees gain autonomy by being able to modify their profiles without external assistance, fostering a sense of ownership. Employee managers, equipped with specific privileges, can efficiently handle the creation and updating of all employee profiles, contributing to streamlined data management processes.

Experience the efficiency and control brought by Employee Spotlight Professional, ensuring that your organization's employee data is accessible, up-to-date, and managed with precision.

Elevate Your Hr Efficiency

Deploy Employee Spotlight's Role-Based Access Control Today!

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