Lightning-Fast Employee Lookups: Tag Cloud Search by Employee Directory

Intuitive Search: Employee Directory streamlines employee lookups with a powerful tag cloud search. Find the right people instantly by clicking relevant skills, departments, or other designated tags – no complex queries required! This user-friendly feature makes locating employees faster and easier than ever before.

Accelerate Employee Search With Employee Tag Cloud in Employee Directory Pro

Employee Directory Pro introduces the innovative Employee Tag Cloud feature, providing a dynamic and efficient way to search for employees based on categorizations such as Locations, Departments, Employment Types, or Groups. This powerful tool enhances the search experience, making it faster and more intuitive.

Key Features of Employee Tag Cloud Search:

  1. Exclusive, Inclusive, and Single Term Searches:

    • Exclusive: Search employees matching all selected terms, refining results for precision.
    • Inclusive: Broaden your search by finding employees matching any of the selected terms, offering flexibility.
    • Single: Focus on searches for a single tag only, streamlining the process.
  2. Configurable Search Type:

    • The search type can be easily configured from the plugin settings to align with specific search preferences.
    • The default search type is set to exclusive, ensuring a targeted approach to employee searches.
  3. Term Usage Frequency Display:

    • The tag cloud displays the number of times a term has been applied to a single employee.
    • This provides valuable insights into the prevalence of specific tags and aids in understanding their significance.
  4. Utilize Various Tag Categories:

    • Tags can be drawn from a range of categories, including Locations, Departments, Employment Types, or Groups.
    • This flexibility allows for comprehensive searches based on diverse criteria.
  5. Default Search Configuration:

    • Administrators have the option to set default search configurations from the plugin settings.
    • This feature is particularly useful for organizations that prefer not to display all employees initially and want to streamline the user experience.

The Employee Tag Cloud in Employee Directory Pro transforms the traditional employee search paradigm by offering a visually appealing and highly functional approach. Whether you need precise matches, broad inclusivity, or focus on individual tags, the Employee Tag Cloud adapts to your search preferences seamlessly. This feature is designed to save time, enhance user engagement, and provide a more intuitive way to navigate the employee directory.

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