Boost Productivity: Smarter Employee Search with the Smart Search Addon

Struggling to find the right coworker or event details in your company directory? The Employee Directory Smart Search Addon streamlines your search with powerful multi-condition filtering. This handy tool not only helps you pinpoint the information you need quickly, but also allows you to generate reports based on your searches for better decision-making.

Employee Directory Smart Search Addon - Find Employees With Precision

Enhance your employee directory search experience with the Smart Search Addon. Here are some feature highlights:

  • Utilize search criteria with support for multiple operators, enabling detailed and accurate searches.
  • Save and organize your frequently performed searches as custom reports for quick access.
  • Create dynamic filters to track important information over time, ensuring comprehensive data analysis.
  • Export search results seamlessly to PDF or CSV for convenient sharing and documentation.
  • Easily configure lists by selecting preferred columns to display when viewing entries, enhancing customization.
  • Sort employee lists efficiently based on specific fields, facilitating organized and accessible information retrieval.

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