Simplify Okta Integration: Streamline Employee Records with Employee Directory

Seamless Employee Data Integration: The Okta Addon empowers effortless synchronization of employee records between your Okta Identity Cloud and Employee Directory. Maintain consistent and up-to-date employee information across platforms – automatically!

Seamless Okta Integration Ensures Automatic Record Syncing and Eliminates Errors

The Okta Identity Cloud API Integration for Employee Directory empowers organizations to efficiently import, update, and manage employee records directly from the Okta Identity Cloud. With an easy-to-use and powerful interface, this integration simplifies the synchronization process and ensures that your Employee Directory remains up-to-date.

Key Features:

  1. User-Friendly Interface:

    • Enjoy a straightforward and user-friendly interface that facilitates effortless management of employee records.
  2. Field Mapping:

    • Map all relevant employee fields to corresponding Okta Identity Cloud fields, ensuring accurate data transfer between systems.
  3. Custom Field Mapping:

    • Map custom fields in your Employee Directory to Okta Identity Cloud fields, enabling a comprehensive synchronization that includes organization-specific data.
  4. Import, Update, and Delete Operations:

    • Perform import, update, or deletion of employee data directly from the Okta Identity Cloud, providing flexibility and control over your records.
  5. Automated Imports/Updates:

    • Utilize WP Cron for scheduled and automated imports/updates, streamlining the synchronization process and reducing manual efforts.
  6. Secure Connections:

    • Ensure secure connections between WordPress and Okta Identity Cloud using security tokens, including access and ID tokens.
  7. Organization Chart Updates:

    • Dynamically create and update employee organization charts based on the latest records from the Okta Identity Cloud, maintaining an accurate representation of your organizational structure.


The Okta Identity Cloud API Integration for Employee Directory offers a seamless solution for managing employee records directly from the Okta Identity Cloud. With robust field mapping, including support for custom fields, organizations can ensure that all relevant information is synchronized accurately.

The ability to perform import, update, and delete operations provides flexibility in managing records. Automated imports and updates enhance efficiency, while secure connections safeguard data integrity. The integration also facilitates real-time updates to organization charts, reflecting the current structure of your workforce.

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