Keep Your Directory Fresh: Real-Time Updates with Active Directory/LDAP Addon

Effortless Employee Sync: Eliminate manual data entry with the Employee Directory Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP Addon. This powerful tool automatically imports and updates employee records from your existing Active Directory or LDAP server, ensuring your company structure stays perfectly synchronized.

Effortlessly Keep Employee Data Up-To-Date: Automatic Sync With Active Directory/Ldap Saves Time and Eliminates Errors

The Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP Addon for Employee Directory provides a hassle-free solution for keeping employee data up-to-date by automating the synchronization process. This feature-rich addon ensures that employee records are synchronized with Employee Directory effortlessly, eliminating manual errors and saving valuable time.

Key Features:

  1. Automatic Sync:

    • Sync employee records in real-time as they are created, updated, or removed in Microsoft Active Directory or any LDAP server.
    • Configure multiple Active Directory servers independently, enabling a unified employee directory for organizations with multiple entities.
  2. Data Sync Priority:

    • Set the priority for syncing data from multiple Active Directory servers by dragging and dropping connections in a specified order.
  3. Field Selection:

    • Choose specific Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP fields to sync with Employee Directory, tailoring the synchronization to your organization's needs.
  4. Flexible Configuration:

    • Pull data from one or many Host/Domain Controllers, or set Base DN to define the highest level of the AD/LDAP search scope.
    • Support WP Cron-based automated imports/updates, providing flexibility for scheduling.
  5. Advanced Filters:

    • Implement user or group-based advanced filters to sync only relevant records, especially useful for large organizations.
  6. Detailed Audit Trail:

    • Monitor synchronization details, including new records, updated records, ignored records, deleted records, and more, ensuring a comprehensive audit trail.
  7. Scheduled Sync Options:

    • Run synchronization on-demand or schedule it with various options, including weekly, daily, twice daily, hourly, and more.
  8. Secure Connections:

    • Enable secure connections between WordPress and Microsoft Active Directory or any LDAP servers using TLS or SSL (LDAPS), ensuring data integrity.
  9. Data Deletion Options:

    • Choose how records should be handled when deleted, with options such as not deleting, putting records in the trash, or permanently deleting.
  10. Reporting Hierarchies and Organization Charts:

    • Automatically create employee reporting hierarchies and update organization charts based on data in Microsoft Active Directory or any LDAP server.

Benefits: The Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP Addon streamlines employee data management by providing a robust synchronization mechanism. With automated processes, detailed audit trails, and secure connections, this addon ensures that your Employee Directory is always up-to-date and accurate, saving time and enhancing data integrity.

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