Empower Secure Access: Control Employee Data with Employee Directory

Control access based on fields with Employee Directory, enabling you to selectively determine which fields employees can view or edit. Tailor the visibility and editing permissions of specific fields for employees with the flexibility provided by Employee Directory.

Enhanced Control With Field-Based Access in Employee Directory Pro

Employee Directory Pro takes access control to a new level by introducing field-based access, allowing administrators to define precisely who can view and edit specific pieces of information. This granular control enhances privacy and ensures that sensitive details are accessible only to authorized users.

Key Features of Field-Based Access:

  1. Customizable Visibility: Administrators can specify which fields are visible to different user roles. This customization ensures that only relevant information is displayed to users based on their role within the organization.

  2. Controlled Editing Permissions: In addition to visibility, field-based access provides control over who can edit specific fields. This feature is particularly useful for limiting the editing capabilities of certain roles, ensuring that only authorized personnel can modify sensitive information.

  3. Flexible Configuration: Field-based access allows for flexible and dynamic configurations. For instance, you may choose to display the "Hire Date" only to logged-in users, providing an added layer of privacy for this specific detail.

  4. Tailored Directory Experience: Different user roles within the WordPress dashboard can have distinct directory experiences. For example, users with a manager role may be granted access to view the "Direct Reports" field, offering a customized and role-specific directory view.

How Field-Based Access Works:

  • Administrators navigate to the settings to configure field-based access, where they can select which fields are visible and editable for different user roles.
  • Visibility settings ensure that certain fields are displayed or hidden based on the user's role.
  • Editing permissions are configured to define who can modify specific fields, preventing unauthorized changes.

Field-based access in Employee Directory Pro empowers organizations to maintain control over sensitive information, create a more tailored user experience, and uphold privacy standards within the directory.

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