Employee Journal Addon: Modernize Your Performance Management

Unleash the power of performance management with the Employee Journal Addon for your Employee Directory. This comprehensive system streamlines the review process, automates tasks, and empowers organizations to unlock their employees' full potential.

Save Time & Boost Efficiency: Effortless Performance Reviews, No More Paperwork Nightmares

Employee Journal Addon, seamlessly integrated with Employee Directory, revolutionizes the performance management process, fostering employee engagement, and facilitating comprehensive employee development. This robust tool ensures timely completion and delivery of performance reviews, aligning employee competencies with organizational goals.

Key Features of Employee Journal:

  1. Performance Review Editor:

    • Empowers managers to customize review content using clickable template tags.
    • Reviews are classified with categories and subcategories, allowing for a structured assessment of competencies.
    • Managers can set up follow-up dates and attach relevant documents to enhance the review process.
  2. Review Access Hierarchy:

    • Implements a flexible 5-tier or 2-tier performance review access hierarchy.
    • Managers can only view the reviews of employees reporting to them, ensuring a focused and role-based access system.
    • Higher-tier roles have the ability to view and edit lower-tier employee reviews without limitations.
  3. Customizable Notification System:

    • Incorporates a fully customizable notification system to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged.
    • Includes confirmation messages, new entry emails, follow-up emails, and reminder emails, providing comprehensive communication at every stage.
    • Logging of the notification process ensures transparency and accountability.
  4. Predefined Review Categories and Subcategories:

    • Offers unlimited predefined review categories and subcategories, providing flexibility and adaptability to various competencies.
    • Categories can be color-coded for easy differentiation, enhancing the visual representation of competencies.
    • Subcategories enable further grouping of core competencies, allowing for a nuanced assessment.

Benefits: Employee Journal enriches the performance management experience by providing a user-friendly and feature-rich platform for performance reviews. The integration with Employee Directory ensures a seamless experience, and the customizable notification system keeps all stakeholders well-informed. Streamline your performance management process and elevate employee development with the powerful features offered by Employee Journal.

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