Effortless Customization: Drag & Drop Employee Ordering with Employee Directory

Employee Directory empowers you to personalize the employee directory layout effortlessly. Simply use the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to arrange employees in your preferred order, ensuring the most relevant personnel are displayed prominently across all pages. This user-friendly feature fosters a streamlined experience for everyone.

Effortlessly Organize Your Employees: Drag & Drop for the Perfect Employee Order, Every Time

Employee Directory Pro simplifies the process of organizing your employee lists and views with an intuitive drag-and-drop method. This feature empowers administrators to set the order of employees quickly and efficiently, enhancing the overall management of directory content.

Key Benefits:

  1. User-Friendly Drag and Drop:

    • The drag-and-drop functionality is designed for ease of use, allowing administrators to rearrange the order of employees effortlessly.
    • Simply drag and drop employee entries to their desired positions within the list.
  2. Default Order for All Views:

    • Once the order is set using the drag-and-drop method, it becomes the default order for all views.
    • This consistency ensures that the established order is applied uniformly across various displays within the employee directory.
  3. Customized Display Order:

    • For more advanced and customized display orders, administrators can leverage the Visual Shortcode Builder.
    • This feature offers flexibility in defining specific display orders based on criteria such as alphabetical sorting or hire date.

Enhance Directory Organization: Employee Directory Pro's drag-and-drop functionality provides a seamless solution for administrators seeking to enhance the organization of employee lists and views. Whether opting for a simple order adjustment or a more intricate display arrangement, this feature streamlines the process, contributing to a well-organized and user-friendly employee directory.

Drag & Drop Employee Ordering

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