CSV Import Export Addon: Manage Your Employee Directory with Ease

Simplify Employee Data Management: Effortlessly synchronize employee and event information with the CSV Import Export Addon. This addon empowers you to seamlessly manage your entire directory, including importing, exporting, and resetting data from any source, including CSV files.

Effortless Data Management With Csv Import

Employee Directory Pro simplifies the management of your employee and corporate event data through seamless CSV import and synchronization. This powerful feature offers a range of operations for smooth data handling, ensuring your information is up-to-date and accurately represented.

Key Capabilities:

  1. Import/Export Convenience: Swiftly import and export all your employee information and corporate events using CSV files. This user-friendly process facilitates efficient data transfer.

  2. Direct Reports Relationships: Import and export direct reports relationships among employees effortlessly. This functionality supports comprehensive organizational structure management.

  3. Field Mapping Control: Tailor the import process by mapping and selecting the specific fields you need. The flexibility to choose and customize ensures that your data is precisely configured.

  4. Google Spreadsheet Compatibility: Enjoy the convenience of Google Spreadsheet CSV exports, enhancing compatibility and ease of use.

  5. Data Reset Option: Reset employee and/or event information with a simple click, providing a fresh start when needed. This is particularly useful for testing or organizational restructuring.

  6. Administrator Role Security: Access to import, export, and reset functionalities is limited to users with an administrator role, ensuring secure and controlled data management.

  7. Custom Fields Support: Import and export custom fields associated with employees and events, ensuring comprehensive data transfer.

Employee Directory Pro's CSV import feature is a valuable asset for organizations seeking efficient and organized data management within their employee directory and corporate events system.

Effortless Directory Updates

Manage Your Employee Directory with Ease

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