All-in-One Events: Calendar & Pages with Employee Directory

Boost Engagement with Built-In Events: Employee Directory simplifies event management with a dedicated calendar and event pages. Announce company events, encourage participation, and foster stronger connections within your team – all within the platform!

Spark Excitement, Boost Connections: Illuminate Company Events That Engage and Unite Your Employees

Employee Directory Pro goes beyond employee management, offering a comprehensive solution for handling company events with efficiency and sophistication. The integration of events into the directory not only streamlines the management process but also enhances user engagement and promotes events effectively.

Key Features:

  1. Dedicated Event Pages:

    • Store and display company events in dedicated event pages, providing a centralized hub for all event-related information.
  2. Public and Private Events:

    • Create both public and private events to cater to different audiences. Private events ensure exclusivity for registered users.
  3. Slider with Navigation:

    • Event pages feature a slider with navigation, allowing for the display of multiple event images. This enhances the visual appeal and engagement of event pages.
  4. Configurable Map:

    • Event pages include a configurable map displaying the event location. This not only provides valuable location information but also contributes to a unified look and feel across the site.
  5. Linked Events to Locations and Groups:

    • Events are intelligently linked to employees through groups and locations. This interconnected approach ensures that users exploring specific locations or group tags also discover linked events, promoting engagement and event awareness.
  6. Stacked Event View:

    • The stacked event view is linked to locations and groups, creating a seamless experience for users. This feature enables individuals searching for a particular location to discover both employees and associated events.
  7. Multi-Option Event Calendar View:

    • A versatile event calendar view offers multiple display options. Each event within the calendar is linked back to its corresponding event page, providing a user-friendly navigation experience.
    • The calendar supports 20 different themes, allowing customization to match the site's color scheme and maintain a consistent visual identity.

Efficient Event Management: With Employee Directory Pro, managing company events becomes an efficient and integrated process. The platform ensures that events are not only well-organized but also seamlessly connected to relevant employees, locations, and groups, fostering a cohesive digital experience for users.

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