Find the Perfect Fit: Powerful Organization with Employee Directory

Organize Your Team Effortlessly: Employee Directory streamlines employee organization. Use customizable categories like departments and skills to group your workforce logically. This makes it easier to find the right people for the job and fosters clear communication channels within your team.

Enhance Collaboration With Employee Categorization

Employee Directory Pro provides robust categorization features, allowing you to organize your workforce efficiently. By tagging employees based on various criteria, you can create meaningful associations that contribute to improved internal and external communication within your team.

Key Categorization Options:

  1. Groups (Pro Only): Create specific employee groups to facilitate targeted communication and collaboration. This feature is available in the Pro version, offering advanced categorization capabilities.

  2. Office Locations (Pro Only): Tag employees based on their office locations. This categorization is especially useful for organizations with multiple offices or branches.

  3. Departments: Categorize employees by their respective departments, making it easier to manage and communicate within specific organizational units.

  4. Job Titles: Streamline communication by categorizing employees based on their job titles. This feature is particularly beneficial for organizations with diverse roles and responsibilities.

  5. Languages (Pro Only): In the Pro version, label employees based on the languages they speak. This categorization can be valuable for teams working in multilingual environments.

  6. Skills (Pro Only): Enhance collaboration by categorizing employees according to their specific skills. This feature is available in the Pro version, allowing teams to quickly identify individuals with particular expertise.

  7. Certifications (Pro Only): Tag employees based on their certifications. This categorization is beneficial for teams requiring specific qualifications for projects or tasks.

  8. Gender: Categorize employees by gender, providing a comprehensive view of workforce demographics.

  9. Marital Status: Gain insights into the marital status of employees for various HR-related purposes.

  10. Employment Type: Categorize employees by their employment type, such as full-time, part-time, or contract.

Configuration Flexibility:

  • Enable or disable categorization options based on your organizational preferences.
  • Each label category comes with a dedicated employee list page, offering a quick overview of individuals within each category.

Employee Directory Pro's categorization features empower organizations to foster collaboration, streamline communication, and create meaningful connections within their workforce.

Increase Individual and Organizational Performance

Effective internal and external communications are key factors that contribute to your team's success. Get started now.

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