Showcase Your Employees in Style: Grid & Stacked Views with Employee Directory

Employee Profiles, Your Way: Employee Directory offers stunning visual formats to showcase your team. Choose from circle grid or stacked layout templates, creating a visually appealing and user-friendly experience for everyone.

Boost Engagement and Visual Appeal: Present Your Team With Beautiful Circle Grid or Stacked Layouts

Employee Directory Pro takes team presentation to the next level by offering aesthetically pleasing circle grid and stacked layouts.

These visually engaging displays not only enhance the overall look of your team directory but also provide users with an intuitive and interactive way to explore the organizational structure.

Key Features:

  1. Circle Grid Views:

    • Present your employees in visually appealing circle grid views that capture attention and provide a modern touch to your team directory.
    • Employee names in the circle grid are linked to the corresponding employee's profile page, offering seamless navigation for users.
  2. Job Title Interaction:

    • Clicking on job titles within the circle grid reveals a list of employees sharing the same job title. This interactive feature facilitates quick access to relevant groups of employees.
  3. Custom Views with Visual Shortcode Builder:

    • Tailor circle grid views to your specific preferences by easily modifying grid shortcodes using the Visual Shortcode Builder. This flexibility ensures that the presentation aligns with your unique organizational structure.
  4. Multiple Circle Grids on the Same Page:

    • Display multiple circle grids simultaneously on a single page, allowing for the presentation of various departments or groups in a consolidated manner.
  5. Paged Navigation without Page Reloading:

    • The inclusion of paged navigation enhances user engagement without requiring the page to reload. This contributes to improved page performance and a seamless browsing experience.
  6. Stacked Layout Views:

    • Choose from stacked layout views for skills, groups, job titles, certifications, departments, and more. This versatile feature allows you to showcase your team based on different criteria, promoting diversity and clarity.

Benefits: The introduction of circle grid and stacked layouts in Employee Directory Pro offers a fresh and visually appealing approach to team representation. By combining style with functionality, these layouts not only capture the attention of users but also facilitate easy exploration of the organizational hierarchy. Elevate your team directory with the best-in-class features provided by Employee Directory Pro.

Showcase Your Employees in Style

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