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Streamline Employee Search With Intuitive Alphabetical Ordering and Sorting

Employee Directory Pro introduces a robust Alphabetical Sorting feature, providing a streamlined and efficient way for users to search and navigate through the employee directory.

This feature is designed to facilitate quick access to information, particularly for users who are familiar with the names, departments, or job titles of employees.

Key Features of Alphabetical Sorting:

  1. Customizable Look and Feel:

    • The admin backend offers powerful customization options, allowing administrators to tailor the appearance of the alphabetical listings to match the organization's branding and design preferences.
  2. Flexible Alphabetical Listings:

    • Alphabetical listings can be created based on various criteria, such as departments, employee names, or job titles.
    • This flexibility ensures that users can choose the sorting criteria that align with their search preferences.
  3. Limit Listings Based on Directory Fields:

    • Administrators can limit alphabetical listings based on any available directory field using the Visual Shortcode Builder.
    • For example, it's possible to create listings specifically for full-time employees working in a particular office, enhancing the relevance of the displayed information.
  4. Global and Page-Specific Settings:

    • Global and page-specific settings for "All text" and "No data text" can be configured, providing control over the text displayed in different scenarios.
  5. Set Initial Display Letter:

    • Administrators have the option to set the initial letter to be displayed when the search page loads.
    • This feature is useful for organizations where a majority of employees fall under a specific letter, optimizing the user experience.
  6. Opaque/Faded Style for Empty Alphabets:

    • Alphabets without any listed employees can be styled with an opaque or faded effect, providing a visual cue and improving clarity.
  7. Multiple Alphabetical Listings on the Same Page:

    • The plugin supports the display of multiple alphabetical listings on the same page.
    • This allows users to search employees by departments, job titles, and names simultaneously, enhancing the versatility of the directory.

Alphabetical Sorting in Employee Directory Pro is a valuable tool for optimizing user navigation and search capabilities within the employee directory. By providing a user-friendly and visually appealing interface, this feature contributes to a seamless and efficient user experience.

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