Automated Updates: Keep Your Directory Current with Active Directory/LDAP

Effortless Faculty & Staff Sync: Ditch manual updates! The Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP Addon for Campus Directory automatically synchronizes faculty & staff details, keeping your institution's information consistently up-to-date. Save time & focus on what matters most.

Real-Time Updates: Effortlessly Sync Faculty & Staff With Active Directory/Ldap

Effortless Directory Maintenance: Sync Your Campus Directory Seamlessly

Don't waste time on manual updates – keep your campus directory seamlessly synchronized with the rest of your organization through scheduled or on-demand imports and updates. Campus Directory Active Directory/LDAP Addon offers a range of features to make this process smooth and efficient:

Key Features:

1. User-Friendly Interface:

  • An easy-to-use interface ensures a hassle-free experience in managing your directory synchronization.

2. Field Mapping to Active Directory/LDAP:

  • Map all faculty, staff, and student fields to their corresponding Active Directory/LDAP fields effortlessly.

3. Custom Field Mapping:

  • Map custom fields in your directory to Active Directory/LDAP fields, ensuring a comprehensive synchronization.

4. Compatibility Testing:

  • Tested compatibility with popular directory services such as Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, and Apache Directory.

5. Group-Based Data Management:

  • Support import, update, and deletion of faculty data connected with one-to-many group names in Active Directory/LDAP.

6. Automated Imports/Updates:

  • Support WP Cron-based automated imports and updates, allowing you to set up scheduled tasks for seamless synchronization.

7. Secure Connections:

  • Ensure secure connections between your WordPress site and AD/LDAP servers using TLS for data integrity.

8. Comprehensive Data Sync:

  • Create and manage faculty, student relationships, photos, and more through the synchronization process.


Efficiency in Maintenance:

  • Reduce manual efforts and streamline the maintenance of your directory, saving time and resources.

Real-Time Updates:

  • Keep your directory information up-to-date with scheduled or on-demand synchronization, ensuring accuracy.

Compatibility Assurance:

  • Tested compatibility with various directory services ensures a smooth integration with your existing infrastructure.

Automated Processes:

  • Leverage WP Cron-based automation for imports and updates, providing a hands-free approach to synchronization.

Secure Connections:

  • Ensure the security of data transfer between your WordPress site and AD/LDAP servers with TLS encryption.

Enhanced Data Management:

  • Efficiently manage faculty, student relationships, photos, and other data elements through the synchronization process.

With Campus Directory Active Directory/LDAP Addon, maintain your directory effortlessly and ensure that it stays synchronized with the evolving dynamics of your organization.

One-Click Accuracy

Sync Staff & Faculty Data with Active Directory/LDAP.

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