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Empower Your Team: The Campus Directory lets you easily assign additional responsibilities to staff, faculty, and students. Empower your team to contribute more by granting specific permissions within the plugin settings - all in just a few clicks!

Unlock the Potential of Your Campus Team With Role-Based Access

Empowering Your Campus Team: Streamlining Tasks with Campus Directory User Roles

Campus Directory recognizes the diverse responsibilities within an academic institution and provides a tailored user role system to empower your campus team. The plugin introduces two key user roles – Campus Manager and Campus Staff – each offering specific capabilities to enhance collaboration and streamline tasks.

Built-in User Roles:

  1. Campus Manager:

    • Designed for individuals overseeing broader administrative functions.
    • Grants access to a comprehensive set of capabilities for efficient site management.
    • Enables administrators to define and refine the level of access based on institutional needs.
  2. Campus Staff:

    • Tailored for team members involved in day-to-day operations and specific tasks.
    • Provides a focused set of capabilities to facilitate contributions without overwhelming users.
    • Offers flexibility to extend access based on the nature of assigned responsibilities.

Flexible Expansion of Capabilities:

  • Customized Capabilities:
    • Users can expand the scope of what Campus Managers and Staff can accomplish by toggling specific capabilities in the plugin settings.
    • Tailors access permissions to align with the unique requirements of your institution.

Key Use Cases:

  1. Content Publication:

    • Empower staff to publish posts or pages directly related to the institution.
    • Facilitates efficient content management within the WordPress environment.
  2. Profile Updates:

    • Streamline user profile management, allowing staff to handle updates seamlessly.
    • Enhances the ability to maintain accurate and up-to-date information about faculty, students, and staff.
  3. Administrative Activities:

    • Support site administrators in handling routine administrative tasks.
    • Enables a collaborative approach to managing various aspects of the WordPress site.
  4. Integrated Workflows:

    • Foster integration with other applications through extended user roles.
    • Enhances cross-functional collaboration and ensures a cohesive digital ecosystem.


  • Efficiency and Collaboration:

    • Maximizes efficiency by allowing staff to perform multiple tasks without switching user accounts.
    • Promotes collaboration within the WordPress environment, streamlining workflows.
  • Tailored Access:

    • Offers a nuanced approach to user access, ensuring individuals have precisely the level of control needed for their responsibilities.

Campus Directory's user role system is a pivotal feature in fostering a collaborative and productive digital workspace for academic institutions. By customizing capabilities based on roles, the plugin facilitates a seamless integration of various tasks, contributing to a cohesive and efficient online environment.

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