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Campus Directory empowers academic institutions by providing an open and accessible platform for searching and discovering publications. This inclusive approach offers numerous benefits, including increased citation and usage, enhanced collaborative research, and greater public engagement.

The plugin ensures that publications are easily accessible, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the academic community.

Key Feature Highlights:

  1. Internal Author Linking:

    • Associates internal authors with publications, creating a seamless connection to their respective profile pages.
    • Enhances visibility and recognition for authors within the institution.
  2. Export Capabilities:

    • Enables the export of all or selected authors to multiple formats.
    • Facilitates efficient data sharing and collaboration with external platforms.
  3. Custom Fields Integration:

    • Allows the optional display of custom fields under the Details tab, providing additional context and information.
    • Enhances the richness of publication data by incorporating customizable details.
  4. Dynamic Abstract Display:

    • Dynamically displays the publication abstract, ensuring a user-friendly experience.
    • Abstract tab visibility is conditional, optimizing the interface based on available information.
  5. Flexible Display Options:

    • Supports the display of the publication list on any WordPress page using its shortcode.
    • Customizable publication list shortcode enables tailored presentations based on specific criteria.
  6. Consistent Page Structure:

    • Maintains uniformity across matching publication pages for archive and taxonomy views.
    • Ensures a cohesive and organized presentation of publications throughout the platform.

Campus Directory's publication exploration features contribute to the institution's academic vibrancy by encouraging collaboration, facilitating research discovery, and promoting a culture of openness and accessibility. With internal author linking, export capabilities, and flexible display options, the plugin provides a comprehensive solution for institutions aiming to showcase their scholarly output effectively.

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